Coronavirus scare in Lida city 📷

People in protective clothing were seen on the streets of Lida city, Grogno Oblast. As it turned out, these are exercises to organize the protection of the population from emergency situations according to the plan from February 17 to 21. All Lida rayon (district) services related to civil defense are involved in the exercises: doctors, public utilities, police, energy, farmers, trade and catering, communications operators, firefighters.

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Emily Watson about Belarus

Emily Watson: “If you go to Belarus for about two seconds you realise it was probably the worst place to be on the planet in the mid 20th Century and the extinction of the population coming from the East and the West was just astonishing and she would have been a child at that time, so people with incredible strength, survival and toughness and she was just someone who was tough and steams in there.”

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