Bombed Minsk metro car is waiting for its next dispatch 📷 🎥

Photos of the train car damaged in the bombing in the Minsk metro station Oktyabrskaya on April 11, 2011, were posted by the user of the the Facebook-like Vkontakte social network group “Belarusian Railway”. These pictures were taken in April 2013. The car is currently stays at the Moskovskaya depot were it was taken after the incident. Until now only police investigators cold access it. The future of train car No. 1494 is unknown. Upper part is quite damaged by explosion and corrosion yet undercarriage is in good condition.

Here’s video from that day. Initially this video was published on website but later deleted on demand of authorities. Since is officially registered as Mass Media they had to comply.

Killing Floor 2 New Sharpshooter Class Detailed

About a thousand people gathered in the drizzling rain in a Minsk park to vote for a resolution which proposes a series of demands to the authorities. Among other things, they demanded to stop the raise of prices, to release political prisoners and to hold free elections. The organizers of the rally called it “People’s Assembly.” To make themselves more visible to the crowd, they mounted a sculpture of a stork stretching its wings.

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