Useful Links

Some useful links relating to Belarus with our short description


BelTA. Official state-owned news agency inherited from Soviet times with that per-digital old Soviet-times name (Belarusian Cable Agency). Strong and direct pro-governmental propaganda.

Belarus Feed. Some casual news of general interest and entertainment. Formally independent but with very pro-governmental propaganda bias. Originally it was a Facebook page – hence the name – Feed.

Charter’97. News and opinions by the outlawed human rights organization in exile (currently based in Poland). Content is mostly translated from main Russian version of the site. Very strong anti-governmental propaganda.

24 Belarus TV channel. Governmental TV channel for the world Рin English. Official propaganda  in its pure and undiluted form.


Map of Minsk by Yandex (Russian analogue of Google). Most reliable and useful. Unlike Google map uses Russian names of streets with numbers of houses. You need some rudimentary ability to read Cyrillic words.

Map of Minsk by Google. If you have some rudimentary ability to read Cyrillic words, better use map by Yandex (link above). There’s a lot of confusion with names (a bizarre mixture of English, Russian and Belarusian – as if some vandals wrote them), and not all houses have numbers.

Minsk public transport timetable. In Russian only.

Belarusian Railway timetable. In English but we encourage you to use the Russian version since transliteration of Russian names into English can be confusing.