Man detained in Minsk for making photo of policemen on scooters

Ordinary pedestrian was detained in Minsk park after he had taken a picture of two police officers on scooters – which is quite unusual view.

Before he was taken to police station he managed to put that photo on his Facebook account.

That man was not alone but accompanied by his minor daughter. While he was inside police station she had to wait for him outside. He was released soon after warning not to do it again.

According to Belarusian laws it is not lawful to make pictures of ordinary citizens without their consent. But law on police stipulates that work of police is open to public, and those two policemen were on a beat, therefore this is not the case. However keep in mind that in Belarus as old saying says, right is one who has more rights – i.e. police.

Therefore never take pictures of police in Belarus!

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