Belarus women as the greatest asset 🎥

We here at are being repeatedly asked how Belarus could be of interest for international visitors. What Belarus is famous for or what can offer to motivate someone to come here?

Innocent looking girls – winners of the Miss Minsk competition – turned out to be strippers. Read about this here >>>

When trying to answer, different thoughts come to my mind: Potassium salt? Laser manufacturing? BelAZ haul trucks? Cheap transplantology? Hydrocarbons (made from Russian oil)? IT companies (for which today there is a sheer tax haven in Belarus)? Probably all of these reasons are true, but I have one more in mind. Women.

Don’t be surprised, this is a fact, an indisputable axiom. Direct evidence of this is their steady emigration from the country. Unfortunately, we do not have official statistical data, but there are plenty of indirect indicators. Friends, friends of friends, just acquaintances, classmates and more.

In a random survey of 16-year-old children, i. e. an entire class of the Minsk high school (26 pupils) there was one single question: What are your plans after graduation?

19 kids replied that they would do everything possible to leave the country forever, 13 of them were girls.

It is quite easy to understand Belarusian girls and easy to explain their motivation. Poverty, hopelessness, problems with fundamental education, lack of a fair system of social elevators, etc.

It is not difficult to understand the attitude of foreign men from the Golden Billion world coming to Belarus for a bride-hunt. Astoundingly beautiful (no exaggeration – just come and see) White women, with “unspoiled genetics”, with an excellent education, with an understanding of European culture and values.

And most importantly, you have to understand how alien guests feel against the backdrop of competition with Belarusian men, to whom the head of the state (aka The President) has firmly promised to have $500 per month salary (that is, with an average income of two to three US dollars per hour), – naturally out of competition, and of course this gives them strength and self-esteem.

I would add “one fly in the ointment” to this idealistic and rational picture.

In my opinion, the women of Belarus are extremely and unjustifiably resentful, even in cases where their boss makes a (fair enough) remark to them. They perceive this as a personal insult. Also, in my subjective opinion, they are too arrogant, proud and this is a national trait. And their incredible efforts to acquire a “place under the sun” makes them incredibly finely sophisticated in their methods of achieving the goal.

However, the above mentioned positive traits (the light side of the force) of Belarusian women neutralize any suspicion and the instinct of self-preservation of those men coming here to find a family partner (aka wife) or just a lover.

For centuries, even among common people to say nothing about noble and rich, before accepting a bride in a family there were made inquiries about the person with whom one might have to spend life, well, if not life, then at least a lot of time. And nowadays new legal and financial issues arise, not to mention parenting, genetics, etc.

Situation is aggravated by the fact that in Belarus a third-party information monitoring and information search system (private eye) is not developed, since the legislation does not allow the activities of a private investigators or detectives, with which people of English-speaking culture are well acquainted. But there is always workaround. helps foreigners in understanding and resolving the issues described above. Today, by the way, an official legal justification for this activity has appeared, thanks to the union rapprochement between Russia and Belarus.


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