Dangers of wrong driving in Belarus

An international visitor to Belarus has to be aware of laws and rules about driving and possible punishment for the wrongdoings.

Here are some common violations of traffic rules and penalty for them.

Rules violation



Drunk Driving fine of 330 EUR and suspension of driver’s license
Driving a damaged vehicle fine of 9 EUR
Overtaking violations fine of 90 EUR
Speeding breaking the speed limit up to 20 km/h – fine of 9 EUR
breaking the speed limit from 20 to 30 km/h – fine of 18 EUR
breaking the speed limit more than 30 km/h – fine of 330 EUR
Parking violations from 2 to 9 EUR
Banning sign violations from 9 to 45 EUR
Cross over violations from 9 to 45 EUR
Creating road / traffic accident situation from 18 to 45 EUR
Driving on STOP (red) signal light up to 45 EUR
Unfastened safety belt 9 EUR
Disobeying traffic police officer from 18 to 45 EUR
Speaking mobile phone without hands-free gadget up to 18 EUR

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