Belarus is like Silicon Valley during its golden age

At a time when Michael Pompeo was on a visit to Belarus, the country also hosted a San Francisco-based businessman Alex Newman. He specializes in artificial intelligence projects. He came to Belarus to find partners for his new business.

Alex Newman:

I came to Belarus to open an office. We currently employ some independent entrepreneurs from Belarus. They are amazing, absolutely hard working, brilliant people. We would like to expand more and more in Belarus because of the education here, especially around mathematics, and people are hard working and passion is apparent.

Since I have come to Belarus I have been introduced to a lot of local Belarus businesses, startups, even some young people doing interesting things in industries like coffee and technology. It actually reminds me of Silicon Valley during its golden age. You can see the passion in people’s eyes, the brilliance. I

So far in Belarus our focus has been on hiring. Only this week have I really started to work with entrepreneurs in Belarus. They have all promised that they will come to Silicon Valley and visit me there so that I can introduce them to investors and other companies.

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