Making barbecue in Belarusian woods – basic rules

If you go to the forest in Belarus follow simple rules to avoid trouble.

Anybody can go to the forest. Forest in Belarus like the rest of the land belongs to the state, so you can walk everywhere where there are no fences of warning special signs (like for military training zones). However, in periods of extremely dry seasons, local authorities can close the forest for visiting. In such cases it is not allowed to enter woods to say nothing about picnics. But generally (all other time) the forest is open to all.

Bonfire is the main reason for getting in trouble. On the territory of Belarus are still existing fire safety regulations in the woods, left from the Soviet Union. According to this document one can’t make fires:
under the canopy of trees;
in areas with the dry grass;
in areas damaged by windfall;
places of former mass forest fire;
in places with young pine trees.

Fire should be made at a specially designated and equipped places. Hearth must be ringed with a sand strip of at least 0.5 meters.

It is strictly prohibited:
to use flammable and combustible liquids for fire ignition;
to leave unattended burning fire (it shall be extinguished);
use of fireworks and other materials with light effects.

Before leaving fireplace must be carefully covered with earth or flooded with water.

For violation of fire safety rules, resulting in no damage, you may be warned or fined up to 25 basic units (about 300 EUR).

In the case where a fire has led to the destruction or damage to the forest or peat bogs – a fine of from 25 to 50 basic units (300 – 600 EUR). In addition, the culprit would compensate the damage.

Therefore, to avoid unpleasant situations is highly recommend to use special grill or brazier. Rules for making barbecue in the woods are very simple – the main thing that fire does not come into contact with the living soil cover and exclude the possibility of ignition. After using coals quench them with water.

In the forest it is prohibited illegal logging and damage to trees and shrubs. So do not break the branches and cut trees, but better bring with you charcoal for barbecue.

It is forbidden to park cars on the living soil cover and forest litter, as well as to move the vehicle off the roads. If you do not even have caused much harm to nature it violates traffic rules and is punishable by fine imposed by traffic police.

The main problem of Minsk and suburban forests is rubbish. Vacationers with genuine enthusiasm infest native wildlife and for this, among other things, the law provides as warning or as fine of up to 20 basic units (230 EUR). However, to catch pollutant by arm is not so simple. One can only hope for a good conscience of citizens.

Based on the foregoing we have compiled a short list of rules for a picnic in the woods:

Use a grill or stove.
Bring firewood and coal with you.
Park your car in designated areas.
Clean up garbage.

Most people ignore such rules and go unpunished, but better not to follow their example.

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