Belarus after 28 years of independence 🎙

B for Belarus #5 (2019-08-28) expert talk about Belarus with Vladimir Baranich and Yaroslav Romanchuk

The first Independence Day on July 27th 1991
The first Independence Day on July 27th 1991

Shot history of Belarus Independence Day at Wikipedia

One more story about police cracking down celebrations of the very first 1918 ID anniversary

  • Has Belarus become really independent?
  • Status of the Belarusian language and culture. Any hope for revival and survival? Possible options with the Russian language and the fusion of cultures;
  • status of the security system: army, policy and law enforcement agencies.
  • status of money. People choose $-dollar and reject BYN-rouble monopoly.
  • National economy as the most vulnerable link of the Belarusian independence chain.
  • Centralization of power and the absence of the full-fledge institution of private property as existential threats to Belarus independence.

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About the participants
  • Vladimir Baranich is a country consultant and media analyst – aka Lad Bar (the founder of the
  • Yaroslav Romanchuk currently works as the President of the Scientific Research Mises Center.

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