Belarusians in the mirror of holidays and rituals 🎙

Why Belarusians look for something that does not exist (fern flower search on July 6 for example)

B for Belarus #4 (2019-07-10) expert talk about Belarus with Vladimir Baranich and Yaroslav Romanchuk

  • Belarusian holidays with distant ties to reality.
  • Belarusians in the state of fusion of Christianity, Soviet ideology, paganism and preenlightenment ideas.
  • Searching for something that does not exist: fern flower mystery and why it persists
  • Independence day and its military flavor. Belarus starts the war information campaign in May and finishes in July. Does it make people more patriotic?
  • why Belarusians keep science in disregard? Fear, deficit of self-esteem and laziness.
  • legally serfdom is long gone but it still lives in the hearts and minds of Belarusians. Many of them are sure that the government/Lukashenko pays them pensions and provides for other public services, that the government creates jobs and ensures free health and education. Too many Belarusians treat a nomenclature boss with divine reverence and fear.
  • freedom as a low ranking value in the hierarchy of Belarusians. They celebrate mysticism and escapism, not liberation.

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About the participants
  • Vladimir Baranich is a country consultant and media analyst – aka Lad Bar (the founder of the
  • Yaroslav Romanchuk currently works as the President of the Scientific Research Mises Center.

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