Why do Belarusians cling to the past? Lukashenko as a president of Soviet Belarusians 🎙

B for Belarus #14 (2020-2-12) expert talk about Belarus with Vladimir Baranich and Yaroslav Romanchuk

Woman with Soviet flag and a side bag with ‘USSR’ text walking on a central Minsk October Plaza, photo by Andrei Liankevich

  • Belarus is a big collective farm and A. Lukashenko is the boss of all red directors.
  • Brainwashed by education system, propaganda machine and pop culture.
  • Typically Belarusian principles, “Maybe this is the way life should be” and “My house is in the outskirts. I know nothing”. How Belarusians cope with new information and its abundance;
  • Traditional relations between State and Man: Lukashenko as a shepherd and people as sheep.
  • Longing for Big Government to ensure everything from free education, healthcare and job security for life.
  • Suspicion and even rejection of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs: the notion of infested fleas
  • Poker face as defense from the outside world.
  • Marching from the Soviet style marsh. Belarusians realize that it is their swamp. Maybe they will start wishing to live in a decent place – not on a swamp.

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About the participants
  • Vladimir Baranich is a country consultant and media analyst – aka Lad Bar (the founder of the ExpAt.by).
  • Yaroslav Romanchuk currently works as the President of the Scientific Research Mises Center.

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