Truth is mighty and will prevail (Mark Twain). This is the main principle behind the content on this site. We describe things as they are, no paid bias or hidden ads.

In fact, this site is more like a business card and a blog – serving mostly as a contact place were we present ourselves and provide our services.

ExpAt.by is a team of experts assisting English speaking visitors and expats in Belarus.

  1. 🧭 Excursions to the most interesting places in Belarus: Khatyn, Dudutki, Brest Fortress, Mirsky and Nesvizhsky Castles, Minsk City.
  2. Consulting and assistance in legal matters. Business law, family law, criminal law.
  3. Medicine. Consultations in the field of transplantology, dental prosthetics and treatment.
  4. Translations, apostille (power of attorney).
  5. Expertise of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Contact us:

Email expat.by.belarus@gmail.com

Mobile +375(25)9010231 (Lad) / +375(29)3878679 (Serge)

or via form on this site

P.S. We discontinued our old site due to a new approach and a new business model. That’s why this site has so little content. Some materials from the old site will be restored here if they seem to be up-to-date.