Soviet style holidays in Belarus 🎙

February 23, March 8, May 1 and November 7. They are still in the calendar but today they are celebrated differently than in the Soviet Union.

B for Belarus #15 (2020-2-26) expert talk about Belarus with Vladimir Baranich and Yaroslav Romanchuk

Official celebration of the Great October in Minsk – honorary guards lay a floral tribute to the monument of Lenin

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Coronavirus scare in Lida city 📷

People in protective clothing were seen on the streets of Lida city, Grogno Oblast. As it turned out, these are exercises to organize the protection of the population from emergency situations according to the plan from February 17 to 21. All Lida rayon (district) services related to civil defense are involved in the exercises: doctors, public utilities, police, energy, farmers, trade and catering, communications operators, firefighters.

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